New! SVT Trail Guide: 40 Walks West of Boston

Brues Woods

Brues Woods' (39.3 acres) upland trails pass through mature pines. Plank walkways carry the trail across Bridge Brook and through damp areas in the adjacent wooded wetland with its tangled under-story and fallen trees.
An interpretive nature trail can be followed through 6 stops along the trail with the downloadable brochure. A complete tour takes less than an hour over moderately easy terrain, with some briefly steep spots. Be prepared for mud.
If you'd like to see some of the various wildlife that call Brues Woods home, you can visit our Brues Woods Nature Sightings page.  Maybe you'll be able to add to it on your next trip!
From Sudbury Center (intersection of Route 27, or Old Sudbury Road, and Concord Road), go north on Concord Road. There are two options: When the Nixon School is not in session, parking is available there. Go north on Concord Road 0.6 mi. Turn right into the Nixon School. SVT signs are to the right and back of the lot. Alternatively, go north on Concord Road 0.2 mi. Turn right on Candy Hill Road. Follow it 0.2 mi to the end and bear right onto Plympton Road. SVT signs are on the left; there is parking for a few cars parallel to the road.
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39 acres